Hi, my name is Philippe Massicotte. As a numerical ecologist, the R statistical computing language is an important part of my daily workflow. I mainly use R for environmental modelling and data manipulation.


Current research

I am currently working as a research associate at the Takuvik Joint International Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Marcel Babin.

Some researches I am currently working on:

  • Understand how surrounding landscapes of aquatic ecosystems determine the biogeocycling of dissolved organic matter (DOM).

  • Understand how DOM, as the main agent driving the optical properties of aquatic ecosystems, influences their functioning.

  • Quantify how the complex mosaic composed of ice, snow, leads, melt ponds and open water influence underwater light regime in aquatic ecosystems.

  • Influence of available irradiance under heterogeneous sea-ice conditions on phytoplankton primary production estimates.

I am always looking for collaborations. Do not hesitate to contact me!

Scientific interests (no specific order)

  • Aquatic ecosystems (limnology & oceanography)

  • Dissolved organic matter (DOM) and carbon cycling

  • Aquatic optic (fluorescence, absorbance, remote sensing)

  • Mathematics

  • Numerical analyses/modelling (multivariate analyses, spatial analyses, system dynamic)

  • Scientific programming

  • Image analysis

  • Geomatic